Truss Tomatoes, 500g package

Although the taste of all our tomatoes are unmatched, one of them is still bears the crown; our truss tomato is allowed to grow in peace and quiet – and a long time! That is why they smell fresh and last long at home.


On every truss grows 9-10 flowers by nature. We remove 3-4 of those, so that all the flavors and nutrients are packed into the remaining tomatoes. When we pick them perfectly ripe the sensory experience is a class of its own as well as being visually beautiful and attractive.


NAMS tomatoes are picked and sorted by hand. The packaging is made from 100% recyclable material (even the window is made from wood fiber!) from the Finnish nature. This keeps the tomatoes free from damage and bacteria so when you open the packaging you are the first ones to touch the tomatoes with your bare hands.

Cherry Tomatoes

The variety name of our exclusive cherry tomato is Piccolo which only we are allowed to grow in Finland. Only the best growers in the world are allowed to grow this old but extraordinarily tasty cherry tomato.


Piccolo has taken home countless prizes in Europe and around the world because of its unparalleled taste. We have chosen Piccolo because it is like candy that brings joy to everyone who eats it and specifically not because it produces a lot of kg – in fact the opposite is true but we gladly sacrifice productivity for this unrivalled and fantastic taste.


In Piccolo you will find the perfect balance between crunchiness & softness and sweetness & acidity.

Loose Tomatoes, 5kg box

In the 5kg loose box you will find the same variety as the 500g box, but these tomatoes are allowed to grow 9-10 pieces per truss. The NAMS loose tomatoes are of course also picked by hand when they have reached the precise right, deep red color and ripeness. NAMS loose tomatoes’ structure is extraordinary and the taste unbelievable!